Samsung to restart Suzhou plant, South Korean display, battery company seeking resumption of work on 10th

A spokesman for Samsung Electronics said today (10) that it plans to restart the Suzhou plant on Monday under the guidance of the Chinese local government. At the same time, the company announced that the Xi'an chip factory was operating as usual without shutdown. Korean media pointed out that with the wave of rework that has begun after the Chinese New Year, South Korean electronics, displays and battery companies are seeking to resume operations in China.

According to BusinessKorea reports, Samsung Display ’s LCD factory in Suzhou and its module factory in Dongguan are currently using less than normal levels. A spokesman for Samsung Display stated, "Because different local governments in China have different guidelines, companies need to discuss with each local government separately (resumption of work)."

LG Display, another Korean panel maker, also recently said that it will restart production on the 10th. Despite limited human resources, the company's return to work will prepare for mass production of OLEDs.

In addition, LG Chem and SK Innovation will resume operations of battery plants in Nanjing and Changzhou today. LG Chem said, "We will restart some production lines with the least manpower."

In this regard, industry observers point out that it is expected that the shutdown of the plant during the Spring Festival will not cause large-scale production interruptions. However, there are many unpredictable risks at the moment. In this regard, industry insiders said, "If many workers are isolated, it may take a long time for the factory to resume normal operations."

It is worth noting that the industry also needs to consider the impact of interruptions in the supply of parts and materials. As far as semiconductors and displays are concerned, transportation and logistics are not yet fully operational, and major components, materials, and equipment must be imported from South Korea, Japan, and Europe, so it will take some time for the plant to enter normal operations.

Reports indicate that plant operations may return to normal in February, but demand is expected to recover slowly. In response, a person in the semiconductor industry said, "Unless the server, smartphone and TV markets recover, semiconductors may fall into the situation of increasing inventory and falling prices." The display industry will do the same.

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