Finally completed the acquisition! AMS buys 55% of Osram for € 4.6 billion

On December 6, AMS announced the successful acquisition of more than 55% of Osram's shares for 4.6 billion euros. The final results will be announced next Tuesday.

The voice of AMS's acquisition of OSRAM has lasted for less than half a year. In mid-July this year, there was a news report that AMS would acquire OSRAM at a price of 38.5 euros per share, but then AMS denied it, saying that after evaluation, the company believed that the acquisition was insufficient basis. In August, AMS announced that it would acquire OSRAM at a price of 38.5 euros per share, with a valuation of 4.3 billion euros. By October, AMS raised its offer from 4.3 billion euros to 4.9 billion US dollars (about 4.45 billion euros), but was rejected by OSRAM's largest shareholder Allianz Global Investment Company because of low prices. After several rounds of games, the two companies finally reached an agreement and successfully merged with the offer price of 4.6 billion euros.

Although the process is tortuous, the successful acquisition is a good result for both parties.

AMS's past business is too dependent on Apple, and it is seeking diversified development and business breakthroughs in other fields, while OSRAM's semiconductor technology is widely used in areas such as autonomous driving, city connected smart lighting, and automotive lighting, which have increased AMS. Much room for business extension.

Amy Flecher, vice president of market communications at AMS, said that the two companies are complementary. "Osram is a leader in the field of visible and invisible light emitters and hopes to strengthen its capabilities in IC design, optics and optical packaging, and these are AMS AMS wants to strengthen its leadership in the field of launchers. " The two companies join forces to become a global leader in the field of sensor optoelectronics. Analysts said that the combined company's annual revenue is expected to reach 5 billion euros.

It is worth mentioning that Osram's merger and acquisition transactions have been heard as early as mid-February this year. The American investment company Bain Capital and Carlyle Group wanted to jointly acquire the entire shares of Osram, but negotiations have been delayed for several months, and finally That's it. After the release of Osram's third quarter financial report, the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors proposed to accept the tender offer at a price of US $ 3.8 billion from US investors, but the company's boss rejected it. Now that we have reached an agreement with AMS, we really have to wait for you.

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