Driving RF MEMS technology! Qorvo announces that it has acquired Cavendish Kinetics

On October 8, RF solutions provider Qorvo announced that it has acquired Cavendish Kinetics, the world's leading high-performance RF supplier, and its team will continue to promote the application of RF MEMS (RF Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology in the Qorvo product line. And turn this technology into high-volume manufacturing for mobile devices and other markets.

Eric Creviston, President of Qorvo's Mobile Products Division, said: "The acquisition of Cavendish Kinetics enables us to strengthen Qorvo's market leadership in antenna tuning. Several of the world's leading smartphone vendors have confirmed that antennas can be significantly improved with Cavendish Kinetics' RF MEMS technology. Performance, including reduced losses and increased linearity, Qorvo will be optimized and extended on the company's original base and applied to other applications such as infrastructure and defense."

It is understood that RF MEMS is an RF product processed by MEMS technology. RF-MEMS technology enables high integration with MMICs, making it possible to create a system-integrated core (SOC) that integrates the collection, processing, transmission, processing and execution of information. According to the concept of microelectronics technology, it can not only produce wafer-level production, batch production, but also has the advantages of low price, small size, light weight and high reliability.

RF MEMS devices are used to tune main and diversity smartphone antennas in the low, medium, and high bands to produce stronger signals and faster data rates. RF MEMS maximizes performance with excellent Q-factor, improved linearity, and extremely low insertion loss, which offers great potential for improved 4G and 5G system performance.

Since 2015, Qorvo has been the chief strategic investor of Cavendish Kinetics. Qorvo will provide more details on the Cavendish Kinetics transaction during its second quarter earnings call conference in FY 2020.

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