Bluetooth® Xpress Modules and Development Platform

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Bluetooth® Xpress Modules and Development Platform

Silicon Labs’ Blue Gecko Xpress BGX13 is a wireless Xpress module specially designed to make adding BLE to applications as easy as possible

Image of Silicon Labs' Blue Gecko Xpress BGX13The Blue Gecko Xpress BGX13 from Silicon Labs is a wireless Xpress module that is specially designed to make adding BLE to applications as easy as possible, even for developers who have never worked with Bluetooth. With BGX13, Bluetooth does not have to be an intimidating interface to manage.

BGX13 is designed to function as a cable replacement with a serial link between BGX and embedded MCU. It supports secure connections with encrypted communication, bonding, and just works and passkey pairing. The module is Bluetooth 5 compliant, offering a 2M PHY in addition to a 1M PHY.

Xpress framework for iOS and Android apps takes away all the complexity of adding Bluetooth connectivity to mobile apps. With a simple API for connection and communication and example apps to get users started, Xpress framework makes BLE design as easy for mobile as BGX13 makes BLE design easy for embedded systems. Using BGX13 means users will spend less time learning Bluetooth and more time making their products distinctive, innovative, and delivered to market fast.

Fastest time-to-market solution Flexible configuration and update options
  • No wireless firmware development
  • Simple streaming interface for embedded host
  • Pre-certified modules and Bluetooth 5 compliant
  • Performance-defining variables stored in Flash
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Easy over-the-air updates through mobile library if needed
Simplicity through abstraction Fully integrated SiP and PCB modules
  • Only high-level state control from host
  • BGX13 handles advertising, scanning, and connection
  • Low power controlled through port pin
  • Blue Gecko Xpress silicon
  • RF matching + shield + antenna
  • SiP offers industry-smallest form factor currently available
  • PCB module for easy manufacturing option
Bluetooth Xpress Modules and Development Platform
Manufacturer Part Series Description
  BGX13P22GA-V21   Bluetooth 5 cable replacement PCB module, +8 dBm, internal antenna
  BGX13S22GA-V21   Bluetooth 5 cable replacement SiP, +8 dBm, internal antenna
  SLEXP8027A   BGX13P expansion board

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