The world's number one hydrogen fluoride Japanese company Stella Chemifa has shrunk nearly 90%

Japanese company Stella Chemifa reduced its profit margin by nearly 90% from July to September. The company accounted for 70% of the global high-purity cyanide market, which was affected by Japan's strong export restrictions on Korea and its operating performance declined.

Stella Chemifa has a high purity hydrogen fluoride manufacturing technology with a purity of 99.99999999% or more, which is widely used in semiconductor etching processes.

Based on the July-September financial report (the second quarter of the Japanese accounting standards), Stella Chemifa's revenue was 7.406 billion yen and the profit was 148 million yen. Compared with the 21% decline in revenue in the same period last year, the operating profit decreased by 88%. Compared with the operating performance of the previous quarter (April to June), revenue decreased by 11.9% and revenue decreased by 53.9%.

Korean media pointed out that in the past, about 60% of the hydrogen fluoride produced by the company was shipped to Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix. However, the Japanese government failed to export hydrogen fluoride to South Korea after strengthening the export restrictions on semiconductor raw materials and parts in July.

Stella Chemifa said that compared with last year's active semiconductor market, this year's trade disputes intensified, Japan strengthened its export management to South Korea, and exports declined.

At present, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix and other companies are attempting to introduce hydrogen fluoride through a joint venture of Japanese companies in Taiwan. At the same time, Korea's hydrogen fluoride manufacturing company SoulBrain is also accelerating the development and production of hydrogen fluoride.

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