TSMC holds five major profits, which will help to re-establish a new market value

  TSMC once touched the market value of NT$7 trillion (the same below) last week. Unfortunately, it did not stand at the end of the game. It even fell for three consecutive trading days, interrupting the stock price and market value and creating a new high momentum. The legal person believes that it is a multi-return. Rest, will re-attack after finishing; analysis of the recent, although Intel's downgrade of financial news hit the semiconductor industry, but for TSMC, the seamless integration of advanced processes, Apple and Qualcomm reconciliation, GlobalFoundries, Samsung's rush to grab a single, strong growth in the second half of the year and other five major benefits, will help the future to re-market new milestones.

Samsung is actively promoting the mass production of the 7nm process. The foreign power report pointed out that it is expected that the 7nm EUV process will be released on April 30th in an attempt to catch up with TSMC. In the face of Samsung's advancement, will the market focus on the impact of TSMC's orders? In addition, Intel The second quarter of the financial test, also shocked the semiconductor industry, is seen as one of the reasons that have affected TSMC’s share price performance in the past few days. In the end, whether competitors are catching up with horsepower, and even the entire semiconductor industry is reviving, Become the focus of market observation.

Liu Peizhen, a researcher and industry consultant at the Taiwan Economic Research Institute, said that TSMC can continue to lead in advanced processes, from mass production at 7nm to 7nm enhanced version with EUV, and production at 6nm in the first quarter of next year and 5nm in the second quarter of next year. For trial production, TSMC's advanced process technology continues to be seamlessly integrated, which is also a very important competitive advantage for TSMC.

She said that Samsung had dropped a deal last year and did not introduce 7nm EUV as expected. TSMC is therefore taking orders for all 7nm. It is still leading this year. For Samsung, it may be a single thing, Liu Peizhen analyzed. In the short term, you don't need to worry. Because of factors such as technology and yield, it is estimated that Samsung can only take a single sheet that TSMC can't afford.

Intel's downgrade measurement, in addition to the overall semiconductor environment, mainly in its own factors, including the CPU out of stock, the face of AMD's strong competition, as well as the impact of the slowdown in the construction of the data center in the first quarter, etc. Liu Peizhen said that with the semiconductor boom this year, the first quarter is the bottom, the second season is slightly better, and the second half will be expected to have strong growth. This forecast has not changed.

The settlement between Apple and Qualcomm is a positive news for TSMC. Liu Peizhen said that unless TSMC's production capacity is insufficient, the orders for Apple's mobile phones this year and next year will still be the biggest opportunities for TSMC. In addition, GlobalFoundries sells Fab 10 crystals. The round factory, and does not participate in the competition of 7 nm, due to the limited high pressure process in the field of foundry, the decline in the mature and the competitiveness of the vehicle will help the TSMC to attack the high voltage and special vehicle layout.

TSMC's share price has risen from NT$206.5 at the beginning of this year. It hit a historical high of 270 yuan in the intraday trading on April 24. The market value exceeded 7 trillion yuan. Although the final price was 269 yuan, the stock price and market value were still both. The history is new, but it is falling afterwards. The statistics have fallen for three consecutive days. Some legal persons believe that from the perspective of line type, there seems to be a possibility of mid-line correction, but there are also legal persons pointing at it. If you are optimistic, you will continue to attack.

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