Seoul Semiconductor: Successfully Developed Mass Transfer Technology for Micro LED

After all the calls came out, Seoul Semiconductor, which had only heard the stairs ringing in the past, but did not see the progress of its MicroLED, finally showed the MicroLED series products in the private exhibition hall of CES2020. LEDinside was fortunate to have an exclusive interview with Sam Ryu, the vice president of Seoul Semiconductor, to discuss the current development of MicroLED in Seoul Semiconductor. Vice President Liu mentioned that because Seoul Semiconductor's style is very conservative and stable, although the MicroLED series products have been developed many years ago, its president still decided to hope that the product can be produced at a stage where it can be mass-produced.

This time, Seoul Semiconductor showed several products that have been commercialized. Including 0606, 0404RGBLED, announced that Seoul Semiconductor officially entered the LED display field. As for the smaller MicroLED field, Seoul introduced a 200um 0202 RGBLED package. Especially the chip size of 0202RGBLED has been reduced to 2 * 3mil. In addition, Seoul also exhibited RGBLED packages with a size of only 40um.

Because the micro-level MicroLED chip is placed in the package and then printed on the backplane, a special transfer process is bound to achieve mass production. And Seoul Semiconductor has successfully developed a huge amount of transfer technology, which can successfully transfer MicroLED to any backplane, whether it is a PCB or glass backplane. However, because the size of MicroLED is too small, the yield of customers' own parts may not be high. Therefore, Seoul Semiconductor's operating model has also moved away from its previous focus on selling LED devices and changed to selling RGBLED light source modules to customers.

Vice President Tamariagi mentioned that Seoul Semiconductor has entered the stage of commercial mass production in the field of MicroLED. Through its subsidiary, SeoulViosys, it has been able to mass produce full-color RGBLED chips. Seoul Semiconductor has advanced packaging and mass transfer technology that can provide MicroLED lamp board modules. Therefore, in the future, it hopes to use the advantages of this technology to form alliances with downstream system and brand manufacturers to jointly promote the commercialization of MicroLED displays.

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