Samsung adds AI lab in Canada to focus on system semiconductor AI

  Samsung Electronics announced on May 2 that it will transfer and expand the scale of the "Integrated Technology Institute - Montreal AI Research Office" in Montreal, Canada, and will focus on AI for system semiconductors in the future.

According to the Korean media "Bloter", Samsung Electronics moved and expanded the "Montreal AI Research Office" to the Mila Institute in Montreal, Canada on the 1st (local time). The Mila Institute is led by Yoshua Bengio, one of the world's three deep-seated scholars. It is a specialized organization for global deep learning research in conjunction with the University of Montreal, the University of McGill research team, and AI developers in global companies.

Prior to the expansion, Samsung Electronics hired Simon Lacoste-Julien, a professor at the University of Montreal, as the research director of the Montreal AI Research Office. Professor Simon Lacoste-Julien has deep research in the fields of statistics, inferential learning and deep learning. He has also studied in the United States, Britain, France and other research institutes. He will master global research trends and AI contacts based on rich experience.

In this lab, Samsung Electronics plans to focus on the AI ​​technology of deep learning algorithms based on non-directed instruction and learning generation confrontation network (GAN). On the other hand, it will continue to dispatch manpower to the area and use geopolitical relationships to develop leading-edge artificial intelligence experts.

After the establishment of the Korea AI General Manager Center in November 2017, Samsung Electronics has established AI research centers in Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Canada, Toronto, Moscow, Russia and New York. The Montreal AI Lab was established in October last year.

Yoshua Bengio, who participated in the expansion of the research laboratory, said: "We and Samsung have built a meaningful research based on deep trust. In the research lab established in the Mila Institute, we look forward to working together to overcome the technology in the AI ​​field. problem."

Huang Chengyu, deputy director of Samsung Electronics Technology Institute, said: "The Institute of Integrated Technology plans to focus on AI technology for system semiconductors." "Through the Montreal AI Research Office, we will conduct fundamental research on the responsibility for the next 10 years. Strengthen the theory of AI, a new generation of deep learning algorithms."

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