Samsung abandoned the self-developed CPU core, and will adopt the ARM public version architecture in the future.

On November 3, according to MSPoweruser, Samsung has given up its self-developed CPU core and will fully turn to the ARM public version architecture in the future.

In addition, according to documents submitted by Samsung to the Texas Labor Board of the United States, Samsung will close the Austin Semiconductor factory R&D department and dismiss about 290 employees. The layoffs will take effect on December 31.

Samsung spokesman Michele Glaze said the move was a decision after the relevant business assessment. The other 3,000 employees at the Austin plant were not in the layoff plan, and the Austin factory would not be subject to other influences. Samsung respects all employees, and employees who have been dismissed have received advance notice and received appropriate resettlement and compensation.

Michel Graz further pointed out that this decision was made to ensure that Samsung's future business can remain competitive. At present, Qualcomm is producing some higher performance, lower power chips. In contrast, Exynos' performance is slightly inferior.

If you continue to use the self-developed CPU core, the Exynos 9830 may continue to lag behind the Opteron 865 in benchmarking. Therefore, it has been reported that Samsung will use ARM's high-performance core in Exynos SoC chips. In the future, Exynos 9830 may use four Cortex-A77 cores.

However, Samsung's already released chipsets (such as Exynos 990) are likely to continue to use Samsung's self-developed CPU core, and future designs will rely on the ARM core. Just like competitor Huawei, the company's Kirin 990 and Kirin 990 5G versions all use ARM's Cortex-A76 core.

According to Patrick Moorhead, industry analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, although Samsung has some powerful chips, power consumption is still a major issue.

Over the years, Samsung has invested about $17 billion in its research and development projects in the Austin campus. However, given the current predicament, the best decision is to abandon the self-developed CPU core of the park.

It is worth mentioning that in 2021, the CPUs of all major manufacturers have developed to the extreme level, at the same starting line, at this time GPU is particularly important. With Samsung's previous announcement of its partnership with AMD, the situation will improve in the future. According to the report, Samsung may launch a mobile phone with AMD GPU technology in 2021.

However, Samsung's semiconductor manufacturing process is constantly being pulled away by TSMC, which is also a hidden danger. Although 5nm has not yet been mass-produced, combined with the existing media reports, it can be judged that Samsung will still lag behind TSMC. The only hope will be placed on the 3nm expected to be mass produced in 2021.

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