Samsung SK Hynix trials China's imports of hydrogen fluoride to reduce dependence on Japan

South Korea’s Samsung has denied that Li Zaijun has received urgent supply of semiconductor materials from Japanese suppliers. This also means that South Korea and other Korean companies have returned to the original point in breaking the Japanese blockade, and there is an urgent need to find outside Japan. Source of supply.

Earlier, some analysts said that Japan and South Korea's controversy surrounding semiconductors and panel materials may benefit Chinese companies. This is not impossible. According to Korean media reports, Samsung and SK hynix have begun testing and verifying hydrogen fluoride materials imported from China. .

Fluorine Polyimide is mainly used in the production of OLED panels in Japan, and photoresist is the core material in semiconductor manufacturing. High-purity hydrogen fluoride (EatchingGas) is also in the production of semiconductor technology. Commonly used materials for etching and cleaning. About 50 processes in more than 700 semiconductor processes involve hydrogen fluoride.

Japanese companies in the first two materials are almost monopolized. In particular, EUV-level lithography machines do not have many companies outside Japan, and hydrogen fluoride imported from Japan accounts for 43.9% of Korea, and high purity for semiconductor manufacturing. Hydrogen fluoride is also almost 100% imported from Japan.

However, hydrogen fluoride may still be a breakthrough. South Korean media reported that SK hynix has begun testing high-purity hydrogen fluoride materials supplied by South Korea's Soulbrain, which is a hydrogen fluoride raw material imported from China.

In addition to SK Hynix, Samsung is also reported to have used SoulBrain's hydrogen fluoride materials in its semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

In addition, the news said that Samsung recently placed a large number of orders in the semiconductor factories in Xi'an, China, and Austin, Texas, USA to obtain high-purity hydrogen fluoride supply.

However, as mentioned before, the semiconductor process is extremely complicated. It takes a long time to verify any material. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive to replace the material, which is not a short time.

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