Samsung Electronics beat Intel and won the "ISSCC" champion of the chip Olympics

Among the largest international societies known as the "chip Olympics", Samsung Electronics defeated Intel and regained the championship. Korean media analysis, this is the result of the Samsung management's encouragement to develop semiconductor technology.

According to the Korean media "Money Today" reported on the 15th, next February 16 to 20, the International Solid State Circuits Symposium (ISSCC), Samsung Electronics will be selected 13 papers, won the world's first.

Compared with the number of papers selected this year (7), the number of next year is almost double that of this year. On the ISSCC 2019, Intel won the first place, Samsung Electronics only stopped at the 5th, and compared with the previous year ISSCC 2018, many of them regressed, when Samsung Electronics and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) tied for the championship.

ISSCC is the most authoritative society in the field of semiconductor integrated circuit systems and system integration. Next year, ISSCC 2020 will gather more than 3,000 scholars and researchers from all over the world to exchange research results and explore future semiconductor industry and technology.

Behind these achievements, Samsung Electronics has put a lot of effort into it. "Money Today" pointed out that Samsung Electronics' DS department (semiconductor division) head Jin Jinnan and other senior officials specifically requested that the memory division, system LSI, and foundry divisions all participate in the event. On the other hand, Jin Jinan will also regularly award awards to outstanding paper authors and actively encourage staff to conduct research. It is widely believed that this is one of the reasons for the increase in Samsung's electronic papers.

According to relevant people in the semiconductor industry, ISSCC not only has global certification, but also has a good publicity effect. Enterprises will naturally want to use this resource.

In general, semiconductor companies will release new technologies in ISSCC before commercializing new technologies and launch products in six months to one year. For example, Samsung's 5G modem solution "Exynos RF (Radio Frequency) 550, Exynos SM (Supply Modulator)", which was launched in April this year, was commercialized after being selected as an excellent paper by ISSCC.

The analysis pointed out that in April this year, Samsung Electronics Vice President Li Zaijun published the "Semiconductor 2030" program, which aims to become the world's number one company in the field of system semiconductors by 2030, which also affected the results of this paper. According to industry sources, Samsung Electronics has put forward many papers this year in order to strengthen the strength of system semiconductors, and has selected excellent papers in many fields.

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