Reduced 11.9% annually! Last year, global manufacturers' procurement of semiconductors was $ 418.302 billion

According to data compiled by the well-known research company Gartner, last year the global manufacturers' purchase of semiconductors was 418.302 billion US dollars, an annual decrease of 11.9%.

It is reported that the top ten semiconductor buyers in the world almost all reduced their chip purchases last year. Xiaomi is the only OEM manufacturer to increase chip purchases. Chip spending increased by 1.4% over the previous year to reach $ 7.116 billion. Giant. Recently it has begun to actively expand its presence in Europe. By the third quarter of 2019, Xiaomi had occupied 10% of the European mobile phone market, a surge of 73% over the previous year. Xiaomi will continue to pay attention to this region this year, especially focusing on high-end products in the smartphone industry.

In addition, Huawei's chip purchases have hardly slowed down in 2019, falling by only 1.8% to $ 20.8 billion, although Huawei has been added to the US government's list of entities, which has greatly affected Huawei's mobile phone business outside China. Big shock. However, Huawei firmly held the third place in the semiconductor spending ranking, which was the same as the previous year.

Gartner's senior principal analyst Masatsune Yamaji said: "The top five members have not changed in 2019, but they have all reduced chip spending in 2019. The main reason is that memory prices have fallen sharply. Memory prices were extremely high in 2018, and for many It is a heavy burden for OEMs, accounting for 45% of total chip spending. However, this situation has improved in 2019. The top five OEMs in 2019 will reduce the share of memory expenditures to 36%, while adopting more A good processor and larger memory capacity increase the computing performance of their products. "

In addition, in recent weeks, the epidemic has severely damaged the stock price of semiconductor manufacturers and disrupted the plans of the World Mobile Communications Congress (MWC). However, the industry generally believes that although this uncertainty has an impact on overall procurement this year, the magnitude should be in Within the acceptable range, especially mobile phone manufacturers will fully sprint 5G mobile phones this year, so the overall semiconductor procurement demand will not be too low.

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