Promote the resignation of Intel’s outsourced senior executives, and the probability of TSMC's order acceptance drops?

According to Taiwan media reports, Intel announced that the 7nm R&D progress is not going well and may entrust a third-party foundry. This Monday it announced a major personnel change in the technology department. Chief Engineer Murthy Renduchintala will leave on August 3. Analysts believe that the high-level executives who have continuously promoted Intel’s outsourcing are now leaving, and the probability of TSMC's ordering has decreased.

Barron`s reported on the 28th that Citi Research analyst Christopher Danely released a research report that pointed out that Murthy Renduchintala and Jim Keller, a well-known processor architect who left on June 11 due to personal factors, have actually strongly promoted Intel to entrust chips to generations. factory produced. Now that these two people have decided to leave, it reduces the chance of TSMC receiving Intel orders. Whether or not to outsource OEMs now depends on whether Intel can correct process problems.

In addition, Danely believes that if Intel can find suitable talent to take over the position of chief engineer through this change, it is expected to boost the company's stock price.

According to a press release issued by Intel on the 27th, Dr. Ann Kelleher will now lead the Intel Technology R&D team to focus on 7nm and 5nm processes. Ann Kelleher has been a leader in Intel's manufacturing business before. She has ensured smooth operations during the epidemic, increased supply chain capacity to meet customer needs, and accelerated the expansion of 10-nanometer process technology.

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