Planning to lay off 60%-70% of employees in India? Huawei: Related reports are not true

A few days ago, foreign media reported that several people familiar with the matter disclosed that Huawei lowered its 2020 revenue target in India by up to 50% and will lay off 60-70% of its staff, but does not include employees in R&D and global service centers.

The reason for the revised performance forecast is that Huawei does not expect any new business from Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea, its only two major telecom customers in India.

According to industry estimates, Huawei’s India division employs nearly 700 employees, and there are hundreds of employees hired through third-party companies, not including employees in the company’s R&D center.

In this regard, according to the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, Huawei responded that the company does not evaluate market speculation, but the report on the Indian branch's plan to lay off more than half of its employees is not true. In addition, Huawei stated that the Indian branch will continue to work closely with all Indian customers. With the strong support of local talents, the company's Indian business and resources are designed to meet any customer requirements.

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