MediaTek releases ultra-low power 800GbE MACsec PHY transceiver MT3729 designed for data centers and 5G infrastructure

On July 30, 2020, MediaTek today released its 800GbE (dual port 400GbE) MACsec retimer PHY transceiver MT3729 product series. The solutions of this series of products are mainly for the high-speed and ultra-low power consumption required by data center and 5G infrastructure applications Data transmission and strict security requirements. The MT3729 series is a standard product (ASSP) based on MediaTek's 56G PAM4 SerDes technology, enabling first-level network equipment and service providers to implement safe, reliable and high-speed data transmission for network infrastructure.

According to industry reports, demand for networks above 400GbE in data centers will see strong growth by the end of 2020 and reach more than 25% of industry shipments in 2024. The MT3729 product series is very suitable for line cards or switch structures, and can build network servers, switches and routers with ultra-large bandwidth and ultra-high speed with secure high-speed data links and high-precision Class-C Precision Time Protocol (PTP) time stamp functions .

MediaTek senior deputy general manager Youjie said, "The first-generation 800GbE MACsec PHYs MT3729 product series we released integrate the 56G PAM4 SerDes technology, which is the first in the industry, to meet the high bandwidth, ultra-low power consumption and security requirements of next-generation network infrastructure. This product series uses the industry’s advanced MACsec-based encryption technology to achieve secure communication, and also uses high-precision PTP timestamps to improve the timing accuracy required by 5G Wireless Backhaul infrastructure. "

The MT3729 product series includes four different operating modes:

Retimer mode: Built-in signal enhancement technology can extend the connection distance and transmission of SerDes to terminal equipment to obtain more accurate time stamps.

Forward/reverse gearbox (Gearbox) mode: Supports bit rate conversion between 56G and 28G links, enabling next-generation switches to seamlessly connect with existing infrastructure.

MUX/DeMUX mode: Non-disruptive MUX and broadcast exchange meet the requirements of network backup.

MACsec mode: Support IEEE 802.1AE MACsec, and realize secure communication from 1GbE to 400GbE per port through AES-128 and AES-256 encryption.

The MT3729 product series supports up to 16 56G PAM4 bidirectional links, as well as up to 28G NRZ SerDes and 1G SGMII. In order to meet the strict timing requirements of the 5G infrastructure, the MT3729 series products support IEEE 1588v2 and high-precision Class-C SyncE, providing higher accuracy and flexibility in a time stamp format.

The MediaTek MT3729 product series is now on the market, and the first customer products are already under development.

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