Korean media: SK Hynix Wuxi has completely replaced Japanese products with hydrogen fluoride produced in China.

According to South Korea’s “Central Daily News” on the 4th, after the Japanese government restricted the export of advanced semiconductor materials such as hydrogen fluoride, photoresist, and fluorine-containing polyimide to Korea, SK hynix’s semiconductor factory in Wuxi, China, has been completely produced in China. Hydrogen fluoride replaces Japanese products.

The report also pointed out that Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix engineers responsible for material development are conducting component analysis of hydrogen fluoride test products produced in Korea, and Samsung Electronics has begun to use alternative products. At present, it seems that Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are looking for a better replacement for Nissan's hydrogen fluoride replacement materials than expected. It is expected that the Japanese products will be completely replaced by the end of the year.

"NocutNews" has also previously reported that Korean industry stakeholders said that Samsung Electronics is actively testing hydrogen fluoride, and will soon achieve good results.

If the expansion project of the South Korean domestic material company Soulbrain's Chungnam Gongju plant is completed by the end of this month as planned, the production capacity of hydrogen fluoride produced in Korea is expected to further expand.

It is reported that Soulbrain and ENFTECH have been purifying hydrogen fluoride from Stella and Morita in Japan before, and then made etchant materials for semiconductor engineering and supplied them to Samsung. After Japan restricted exports to South Korea, these domestic companies began importing hydrogen fluoride from Taiwan and the mainland.

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