It is reported that Nvidia has launched in-depth negotiations on the acquisition of Arm and plans to close the deal within a few weeks

According to the latest news, Nvidia has launched in-depth negotiations on the acquisition of Softbank chip company Arm, and plans to conclude an Arm transaction within a few weeks. Nvidia is reportedly the only buyer negotiating the acquisition of chip manufacturer Arm.

Earlier news said that SoftBank Group is seeking to sell part or all of its semiconductor design and software company Arm Holdings.

People familiar with the matter said that the two sides are aiming to reach an agreement in the next few weeks, and that Nvidia is the only company that has conducted specific negotiations with SoftBank. If the agreement is successfully reached, it is expected to give birth to one of the largest transactions in the history of the semiconductor industry.

Mirabaud Securities analyst Neil Campling said that as an IC design company, Nvidia's advantage lies in its ability to focus on R&D and programming operations, and it is expected to cooperate with Arm.

The acquisition of Arm will help Nvidia become an industry leader. By then, Arm products will expand from mobile devices to smart cars, data centers, and network equipment. Nvidia can use its advantages in high-end graphics chips to enter the data center's artificial intelligence processing. Aspects and other fields.

People familiar with the matter said that the two parties have not yet made a final decision, and the negotiations may continue to be delayed, and even the situation may be broken. If an agreement is not reached, SoftBank may seek other interested acquirers.

Regarding the progress of the agreement, Nvidia, SoftBank and Arm all declined to comment.

According to Bloomberg News, people familiar with the matter said that SoftBank had negotiated with Apple on the sale of Arm. But then Apple gave up the bid, because owning the Arm business may raise concerns about how the company will deal with competitors that also rely on Arm technology.

Bloomberg has analyzed that SoftBank Group acquired Arm, the largest listed technology company in the UK at the time, at a price of approximately US$32 billion in 2016, which may currently reach US$100 billion. If a deal is reached with Arm, this may become the largest acquisition in the history of the semiconductor industry. Although Nvidia has sufficient funds and motivation to acquire Arm. Nvidia may hope to reach an agreement, but SoftBank may have a better choice.

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