Intel's first Xe GPU or come in the form of a development kit in mid-2020

Foreign media TweakTown reported that Intel is expected to launch a new Xe series in 2020, but it may only be available to the outside world in the form of a development kit. For the average consumer, if you want to build a platform for Intel Core CPU + Xe GPU, you have to wait for more time. DigiTimes quoted industry insiders as saying that Intel will launch its first Xe GPU in mid-2020 with a thermal design power consumption of only 25W, supplemented with 6GB of GDDR6 memory, and more than one model.

Unfortunately, although the new Xe GPU will be built on a 10nm process, don't expect to do it on top of it, let alone beat NVIDIA's current flagship GeForce RTX 2080 Ti alone (even the AMDRadeon RX 5700 XT can be used) Easily crush it).

Combined with multi-party messaging, we suspect that the first Intel Xe GPU will be available to developers in a variety of toolkits, rather than directly to consumers' gaming entertainment products.

Combined with Intel's experience in CPU and core, its drivers should not be a big problem - support different versions of the operating system on the market, as well as different motherboards, chipsets, platforms on the game.

Xe GPUs are likely to focus on computing applications such as data center/artificial intelligence (which Intel has acknowledged), but gamers and the general public expect the company to work harder to make it shine in the consumer market.

After all, Raja Koduri, who led the AMD Radeon technical team, has been migrating to Intel for a long time. As for the truth, please be patient and wait for the Taipei Computer Show (ComputeX 2019) next year.

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