Intel announced the first processor developed using artificial intelligence!

On Tuesday, according to Reuters, Intel announced its first processor using artificial intelligence, which is designed for large data centers.

It is understood that the chip is designed and developed by Intel's Haifa, Israel, based on 10nm IceLake processing, or will be named Springhill or NervanaNNP-I, Intel said, the chip can perform high-load tasks with the lowest energy consumption.

According to Intel, Facebook is already using the product.

In addition, Intel also said that the product was launched after investing in Israeli artificial intelligence startups including HabanaLabs and NeuroBlade.

NaveenRao, general manager of Intel Artificial Intelligence Products Group, said, "In order to achieve the ubiquitous future goal of AI, we have to deal with a large amount of data, which requires ensuring that resources can be effectively utilized and the collected chips are processed in real time."

Intel emphasizes that Springhill will be used in Intel Xeon processors in the future to improve computing power in complex computing areas such as data centers.

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