Intel EMIB technology helps achieve inter-chip interconnectivity

Most chips in today's smartphones, computers, and servers consist of multiple smaller chips sealed in a rectangular package.

How do these generally communicate with more chips including CPU, graphics card, memory, IO, etc.? An innovative Intel technology called EMIB (Embedded Multi-Chip Interconnect Bridge) will reveal the answer. It is a complex multi-layer thin silicon wafer smaller than a grain of rice, which allows neighboring chips to transfer large amounts of data back and forth at astonishing speeds, up to several gigabytes per second.

Intel EMIB (Embedded Multi-Chip Interconnect Bridging) technology helps to achieve communication between CPU, graphics card, memory, IO and many other chips. EMIB is a complex multi-layer thin silicon wafer smaller than a fragrant rice grain, which can transfer a large amount of data between adjacent chips. (This picture has been authorized by WaldenKirsch / Intel Corporation)

Currently, Intel EMIB accelerates the data flow among nearly 1 million laptops and FPGA (field programmable gate array) devices worldwide. As EMIB technology becomes more mainstream, this number will soon soar and cover more products. For example, the "PonteVecchio" general-purpose GPU released by Intel on November 17 uses EMIB technology.

To meet the unique needs of customers, this innovative technology allows chip architects to combine specialized chips together faster than ever before. The traditional competitive design method called an interposer is implemented by placing multiple chips in an internal package on a substantially single-layer electronic substrate, and each chip is inserted on top of it. EMIB silicon is smaller, more flexible, and more economical, and has increased bandwidth values ​​by 85%. This can make your products, including laptops, servers, 5G processors, graphics cards, etc. run much faster. The next generation of EMIB can also double or even triple this bandwidth value.

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