IC Insights: IC market performance in the first quarter of this year hit a new low in 71 seasons

  The research institute IC Insights pointed out that the weak performance of the IC market in the first quarter of this year will increase the risk of the IC market decline of more than 9% in the whole year, and said that the IC market sales in the first quarter are the first quarter of the 141 season since 1984. The Big Four is also a new low since 71 quarters since the third quarter of 2001.

According to IC Insights data, from the first quarter of 1984 to the 141 quarters of the first quarter of this year, only seven quarters of the IC market fell more than 10%. The report also lists the quarters that have fallen by double digits since 1984, with the single season average of 20.5% in the first two quarters of 2001 as the biggest decline in the past year, and the first quarter of 1985 minus 18%, dragging down the year-round market recession. 19% is the third; the first quarter of this year is down by 17.6% to the fourth, and the recession is greater than the first quarter of 2009 under the impact of the financial tsunami, with a quarterly decrease of 14.3%, the fifth largest recession.

IC Insights pointed out that if there is a 2-digit decline in the market in the first quarter of the year, the IC market recession will be at least 9% that year. It is worth noting that three of the top seven declines since 1984 were in 2001. Therefore, the catastrophic decline of the IC market by 33% in 2001 is still the worst annual performance in the history of the IC industry.

In addition, the first quarter of each year is usually the weakest off-season in the IC market. IC Insights revealed that the market in the first quarter of the past 36 years fell by an average of 2.1%, but the IC market declined by 18% in the first quarter of this year, which is more serious. There is a double-digit decline, and the growth in the second half of this year may need to be better than the past.

As for the culprit in the IC market, the agency pointed out in the report that it is caused by the unstable instability of the memory market, and believes that this year's memory will be very unfavorable to the overall IC market growth. It is estimated that the memory market is expected to fall by 24% this year. The overall impact of the overall IC market fell by 9%, and if the memory market is not counted, this year's IC market performance will be flat.

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