Foreign media: Intel's new H310D motherboard will adopt Samsung's 14nm process

According to foreign media Tom's Hardware, the Intel server chipset driver (10.1.18019.8144) added support for the unreleased H310D chipset. The foreign media believes that the new H310D will be produced using Samsung's 14nm process.

According to reports, the 14nm process has been Intel's main business for several years. But the past year has been quite difficult for Intel because the company is struggling to cope with the shortage of 14nm processors. Intel's original entry-level H310 chipset used a 14nm process, but urgent measures were needed in times of crisis, and Intel was forced to switch the H310 chipset to the 22nm process, the H310C.

Now, Intel is quietly launching the third version of the H310 chipset.

As early as June this year, there was a rumor in the hardware industry that Intel outsourced some of its 14nm processor production to Samsung. Tom's Hardware said their sources confirmed that Intel and Samsung are indeed in secret talks. In addition, Samsung has a fairly mature 14nm process node, with the ability to undertake Intel orders. Therefore, foreign media predicts that Intel's latest entry-level H310D chipset will likely adopt Samsung's 14nm process.

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