Different market strategies, Intel released the 14nm 10th generation Core processor in Taiwan

Intel held a media and analyst briefing in Taiwan today (22), announcing the launch of eight new 10th generation Intel Core notebook computer processors Comet Lake series. Lu Jinzhong, a Taiwanese spokesperson for the PC field, said that the new series is mainly aimed at The average consumer who pays attention to performance, adopting the 14nm process, the overall performance is still 16% higher than that of the previous generation processor, and the processing speed of Microsoft Office365 and multiplex processing is increased by more than 41%.

Comet Lake is born with higher productivity and efficiency. Intel said that the new processor allows notebooks and 2-in-1 devices (2in1) to have both a slim and a good appearance and excellent battery life. The chip includes the U series' first 6-core processing. Faster CPU frequency and memory interface, as well as industry-leading Wi-Fi6 (Gig+) and up to four Thunderbolt 3 ports, 16 PCIe Gen3 lanes, and more.

Lu Jinzhong said that more than 90 new designs from the Comet Lake series will be available by the end of this year. Products that PC manufacturers will launch at the end of the year are being verified by Project Athena's notebook innovation program.

It is worth noting that Intel also introduced the Adaptix toolset, which provides OE partner engineers to adjust their own CPUs, which can increase the performance by 8-12%. For example, Lu Jinzhong, the same battery performance calibration may be 30% worse, which can also make 1 A thermal design power (TDP) 15 watt CPU rushed to 25 watts in a short time.

In fact, Intel has already released its 10th generation 10th generation processor Ice Lake. This time, at the new platform presentation released by Taiwan, the Comet Lake and Ice Lake series will also be compared. Among them, Lu Jinzhong explained that Ice Lake uses a 10 nanometer process, which emphasizes excellent graphics processing and artificial intelligence (AI) performance. Both of them have the best connection capability compared with their peers. Intel used to push image capabilities, and Ice Lake can say It is a new milestone in the product.

As for the difference between the 2 series in the process, he mentioned that the 10nm factory will continue to add new features, while the 14nm factory is focused on performance improvement, mainly based on product positioning to decide which process to use, the company plans to slowly 14 Nano-capacity is transferred to 7nm or more advanced processes, but detailed timelines have yet to be confirmed.

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