Apple will launch its self-developed baseband in 2022. Apple creates 2.4 million jobs in the US.

The 5G version of the smartphone development process has attracted much attention from the market. The US foreign-funded legal person report expects that by 2020, the global 5G version of smartphone shipments will reach 200 million, mainly in China to accelerate the development of 5G process, and Apple (Apple) It is estimated that three new iPhones will support 5G in the second half of next year.

Tian Ming International Securities analyst Guo Mingxi previously issued a report and expects that all three new iPhones will support 5G in the second half of next year, mainly after Apple purchases Intel (Intel) data chip business group, there will be more resources to develop 5G version. iPhone.

Previously, Apple and chip maker Qualcomm reconciled, and Intel (Intel) quit the development of 5G baseband chips, which also made the market highly expect the iPhone to support 5G in the second half of next year.

The US foreign-funded legal person pointed out that China's Huawei and Apple will become the two promoters driving the global adoption of 5G mobile phones.

Guo Minghao expects that the price of Android phones supporting the 5G version in the second half of next year can be reduced to about $249 to $349. He analyzed that the 5G version of the Android phone only supports the Sub-6GHz band. The key is that consumers will not think that 5G is a must-have function until the second half of next year. Therefore, the iPhone with higher price should support 5G, and will strive for subsidies from telecom operators. Consumers' willingness to purchase.

Apple creates 2.4 million jobs in the US and $350 billion in 2023
August 16th news, according to foreign media reports, Apple today sent a document to share its latest achievements in helping create jobs in the United States. Apple claims that the company created and supported 2.4 million jobs in 50 states, four times more than eight years ago. In addition, it is aiming to contribute $350 billion to the US economy by 2023.

The full text of Apple’s article is as follows:

Three years ago, five friends from Tulsa, Okla., sat at the kitchen table and decided to start the company Maccor. These include: Maccor president Andy MacKay and his wife Helen, who is responsible for personnel management. Today, more than 1,000 meters away from that place, Maccor now occupies 7432 square meters and has earned itself the reputation of the world's largest manufacturer of battery test systems.

Maccor is one of Apple's 9,000 US suppliers, and Apple spent $60 billion in 2018 to work with them and support 450,000 jobs. All in all, Apple helped create and support 2.4 million jobs in 50 states, four times the number of jobs the company created eight years ago. Apple announced in January 2018 that by 2023, the company will contribute directly to the US economy by $350 billion.

McKay said: "For us, the relationship with Apple is very important and has changed the company. We want to make the absolute best equipment we can make, we don't want to cut corners. Apple is a quality-oriented company. They constantly urge us to see if we can improve our commercial products."

Maccor, the world's largest manufacturer of battery test systems, employs more than 130 people in Tulsa, Okla. and its new facility in San Jose, Calif. Maccor designs and manufactures high-precision hardware and software to test battery performance. Strict quality and performance testing helps ensure that batteries in Apple products are safe and durable.

When Maccor began working with Apple 15 years ago, the company had only 60 employees. Today, this number has doubled to more than 130 people, including new facilities in San Jose, California. In the past year alone, Maccor's employees have increased by a third, and the company is hiring more skilled workers.

Every year, Apple looks for new opportunities to expand its existing supplier relationships. In June, Apple signed an agreement with California company Broadcom Limited, which has manufacturing facilities in Fort Collins, Colorado, to produce high-performance radio frequency modules and components.

Since Apple provided Finisar with $390 million in December 2017 as part of the Advanced Manufacturing Fund, the manufacturer is expected to fill 500 of Sherman, Texas, in addition to creating nearly 1,000 construction jobs. A full-time position. Finisar expects to begin shipping a laser component called VCSEL in the coming months to power the Face ID in the latest iPhones and iPads.

A significant portion of Apple's jobs in the United States come from a thriving application economy. Currently, the field has created 1.9 million jobs in the United States, an increase of 325,000 over the past two and a half years. During this period, several states in the United States achieved double-digit growth, with North Carolina growing by 43%, adding nearly 15,000 new jobs, Florida growing by 50%, and adding nearly 30,000 new jobs. post. Employment in Pennsylvania has increased by 64%, from 40,800 in 2016 to more than 67,000 today.

Apple also employs 90,000 people directly in all 50 states, which makes the company expected to create 20,000 new jobs across the United States by 2023. Earlier this year, Apple announced an expansion plan in San Diego that would include 1,200 direct jobs and a new campus with tens of thousands of square meters of office, lab and research space. In Seattle, Apple will add 2,000 new employees to highly skilled engineering positions.

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