ASML develops next-generation EUV equipment. Mass production is expected in 2025.

The current semiconductor process shrinkage has come below the 10 nanometer node, and EUV extreme ultraviolet lithography has become an indispensable device, including the current 7nm process, and will be adopted in the future 5nm, 3nm or even 2nm process. .

With the introduction of EUV equipment, not only can it speed up production efficiency, improve yield, but also reduce costs. In addition to the active introduction of wafer foundries, even DRAM memory manufacturers are considering introducing.

In response to the market demand for miniaturization of the process, ASML, a major manufacturer of EUV equipment worldwide, is actively developing the next-generation EUV equipment, which is the High-NA (High Numerical Aperture) EUV product, which is expected to be mass-produced within a few years.

According to the Korean media "ETNews", the biggest difference between High-NA EUV equipment and current EUV equipment is that by using EUV exposure, the resolution and lithography overlap are achieved by increasing the lens resolution. The ability is 70% higher than current EUV systems, meeting the industry's requirements for geometric chip scaling.

ASML used the technology of the German Zeiss Semiconductor business unit to improve lens resolution. For this purpose, ASML officially acquired a 24.9% stake in the German Zeiss Semiconductor business unit in 2016.

For the next generation of High-NA EUV products, ASML has previously obtained 4 orders from 3 major customers and sold 8 High-NAEUV products with priority purchase rights. Among these orders, foundry founder TSMC is also one of them.

In fact, in 2018, TSMC announced an increase of US$300 million in capital expenditures for the advance payment of the next generation of EUV equipment, that is, EUV equipment that has been pre-purchased for the next generation of High-NA. For the new generation of High-NAEUV equipment, ASML is expected to be mass-produced in 2025.

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