A survey shows that 60% of Europeans prefer AMD processors

We know that AMD has recently become a real competitor from the shadow of Intel. According to the European Hardware Association (EHA), AMD visibility has increased by 50% in the past two years. When asked about the next-generation desktop processors they plan to buy, 10,000 respondents who participated in the survey expressed a preference for AMD, with 60% of them choosing AMD over Intel.

EHA Chairman Koen Crijns said: "In the past three years, AMD has gained great momentum in the field of enthusiasts. With the Ryzen series of CPUs, AMD has eliminated the lingering performance gap and provided extremely high cost performance." AMD at European PC enthusiasts are gradually gaining popularity. In a similar survey in 2018, 40% of respondents preferred AMD. In another survey conducted in May this year, that number was as high as 50%. In recent months, European consumers ’preference for AMD processors has surged from 50% to 60%, which can be explained by AMD ’s latest 3rd generation Ryzen desktop processors.

AMD has also achieved gains in graphics cards. In this EHA survey, 72.8% will choose GeForce graphics cards, and AMD's share in the past six months has increased from 19% to nearly 23%. In addition, the survey shows that almost all people who like AMD graphics cards use them with AMD's CPU products, and the Intel CPU + AMD graphics card combination only accounts for 2.9% of the survey results. AMD products are not only popular in Europe, but eight of the top ten CPUs on Amazon's US best-selling CPU list are occupied by AMD processors.

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