7 nanometer capacity is almost full! TSMC's July revenue increased 14% year-on-year, Q3 momentum is strong

Core Technology News, wafer foundry TSMC (12) announced July revenue of 84.758 billion Taiwan dollars (the same unit), a decrease of 1.3% per month, an annual increase of 14%, the second highest monthly performance this year. Accumulated revenue from January to July was 544.461 billion yuan, down 2% year-on-year.

Looking forward to the third quarter, TSMC's estimated revenue is expected to fall between 282 and 185.85 billion yuan, an increase of 18% in the quarter. It is optimistic that smartphones will enter the peak season of shipments, and 5G, high-speed computing demand will start, and the 7-nanometer capacity will be almost full. It is the main growth momentum in the second half of the year.

In response to the progress of advanced processes, President Wei Zhejia pointed out that the 7-nanometer enhanced process has been mass-produced. It is expected to increase the volume in the third quarter. The demand for each platform is strong until next year. The total 7-nanometer and 7-nanometer enhanced process will contribute to TSMC 25 this year. % revenue.

As for the 6nm forecast, the design will be finalized in the second half of next year, and the fourth quarter of next year will be mass-produced; 5nm will benefit from 5G in advance and strong demand, and will accelerate mass production in the first half of next year.

In terms of customer inventory, Wei Zhejia revealed that IC design customers will continue to degrade in the second quarter and will resume seasonality in the second half of the year; in terms of company inventory, they are optimistic about the second half of the year, and the inventory level and days will decrease simultaneously in the third quarter. And converted into revenue.

In terms of capital expenditure, Wei Zhejia said that in order to meet the strong demand of customers under the accelerated development of 5G, the annual capital expenditure is expected to increase from the previous 10-11 billion US dollars. The detailed figures will be announced in the October financial report.

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