XC112/XR112 Evaluation Kit for the A111 Pulsed Coherent Radar

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XC112/XR112 Evaluation Kit for the A111 Pulsed Coherent Radar

Acconeer's XC112 and XR112 evaluation kit with flat flexible cables and support for up to four A111 pulsed coherent radar sensors

Acconeer's A111 is a state of the art low-power pulsed coherent radar chip with an integrated antenna in a single 5 mm x 5 mm package. The A111 can measure absolute distance to a reference object (5 cm corner reflector) up to two meters with an absolute accuracy of millimeters. Relative movements can be measured with micrometer accuracy. Compared to the predecessor XC111+XR111, the XC112+XR112 evaluation kit has a smaller form factor and the A111 sensor boards (XR112) are connected via flat flexible cables (FFC) to the connector board (XC112), which enables flexible placement of the XR112. The connector board incorporates a 40-position pin header that is designed to be connected to a Raspberry Pi Model 3 or later. Power is supplied to the evaluation kit via the Raspberry Pi USB connector. The purpose of the connector board is to transform the 3.3 V signal interface and 5 V input power into a 1.8 V interface suitable for A111. The connector board presents four paths to FFC connectors to which the XR112 sensor boards are to be connected. At least one sensor board should be connected.

The software for the evaluation kit, A1 Software Development Kit, is available for download at www.acconeer.com/products. The software includes data services for accessing radar sensor data and detectors providing measurement results enabling a broad spectrum of use cases. To facilitate customer software development, the Acconeer software includes application programming interface (API) and example applications as reference source code for utilizing various Acconeer services and detectors. The software is continuously updated with new algorithms, filters, and detectors based on user requirements.

Video - Getting started with the EVK

  • Small form factor:
    • XC112: 64 mm x 57 mm
    • XR112: 20 mm x 20 mm
  • Flat, flexible cable between the boards enables flexible placement of the XR112
  • Support for up to four A111 sensors
  • Designed to operate with Raspberry Pi Model 3 and later
  • No external power supply needed, powered via the Raspberry Pi
  • Example software included
  • IoT, smart cities
  • Robots and drones
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare and fitness
  • Mobile and wearables 
  • Power tools
  • Industrial

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